Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Wrapping up a Business Trip [13]

 I closed the lid on my laptop a moment after hearing the announcement for my boarding group. The other insects lined up to embark without protest. My mind... crawled? swarmed? with metaphrs for the experience - a school of fish soon to be sardines in a can? Wind-up toys to be put on a shelf? It was enough of a distraction as the boarding process continued.

My assigned seat was a window seat and, of course, the middle and aisle had beat me to the row. I pointed and worked through what I hoped was a polite sentence in German. It was unnecessary, however, as both the men were in the same boat (another metaphor failure) as I - heading back to the States after a suit & tie circus.

Middle asked if I was nervous and I admitted to hating takeoffs. He intimated that he hated the whole process and had spent the whole night prior in a bar so he'd be more hungover than scared. I suppose that's one way to go through life.

I took a swing and asked if he was into baseball. He balked - or was it more of a false start? - and mentioned he was into football. It didn't much matter to me; the conversation was to be a distraction as the flight got underway. A long snap? A Hail Mary across the Atlantic? We were white-knuckled as we discussed the long overdue renaming of the Red Skins.

I relaxed as the plane leveled out. The man in the middle seat relaxed as the drink cart passed. As the drinks kicked in the flight went from walking on eggshells to being a cake walk. As smooth as butter. a piece of cake.

So much for being witty.

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