Sunday, June 23, 2024

In Emily We Trust

Art by Bennett

"Dick Tracy isn't just some party game, you know," Emily said, pointing at my crotch. "It's also a comic book and stuff."

"Watch," I said, pen in hand.

"I already saw!" Emily exclaimed.

"No, he had a watch. It was a radio or something too." I explained.

"Oh, true," Emily said. "That doesn't explain what you're doing."

"Nothing really - just following some advice I read in a book."

"Tyler, what was the title of this book?"

"Ten Ways to Ruin Your Life - why?"

The Drying Pad

Am I am idiot? 

Is there a truth that has not been revealed to me? 

Why do the people who prepare food in my house use the drying pad to prepare their food? 

I didn't think this would be controversial or contentious, but here we are: the absorbent mat we use to put freshly cleaned dishes on to dry is the number one spot for coffee grounds, raw meat, and veggies ready to eat. It can't be moved to make more counter space. It can't be cleaned after it gets dirty. No, it must have a little taste of all the food we are soon to eat. 

I suppose I'm the dumb one, as everyone seems to use it the same way. 

Maybe one day I'll be enlightened. Maybe one day a bolt of lightning will strike me and I'll see the truth. That'll probably the same day I lose the ability to see crumbs and grease and ants.


Art by Dan

We sat there for a long time. Together. Quiet. Watching the water and the setting sun and the breeze rustle through the grass and the leaves. We were at peace, together, despite the circumstances. I was loath to leave, but nothing lasts forever. Nothing lasts forever.

I was the first to move, the first to break the silence. I squeezed his hand for an eternity that was probably five or ten seconds and let him know it was time to go. I was the first to stand up. I was always the first.

As we walked back to the car, I mused on being first. Out of a score of cousins and the dozen of aunts, uncles, and parents who raised us, I had been the first to complete college. I was also the first girl in our family who hadn't gotten pregnant as a teenager. I was on my way toward breaking out of a small town and finding something bigger for myself. Until, of course, something small found me.