Monday, May 16, 2016

One Answer to the Fermi paradox

Jim didn't know this symbol. This was not a good sign, as the beeping became more and more urgent.

He wiped his brow.

He thought about all those TV shows he grew up with - if only he was Captain Kirk! He'd enrolled in the first program available for interstellar travel in the hopes to emulate his icon. He knew it was dumb, but greater achievements have come from smaller things - like the guy who discovered a whole spy ring trying to get to the bottom of a $0.75 accounting mismatch.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Amulet

The amulet seemed to float at the base of her neck, the ebony on her pale white skin a centerpoint between pink lips and nipples.

"Relax," she cooed, letting the last of the sheer black fabric drop to the floor. "I'm certainly not here to harm you."

Chuck was putty. Sure he'd been with 'escorts' before, but this was... different. This was fantasy. This was a grand tale of two bodies coming together in bliss. He almost melted as her hand lifted his chin.