Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Good Shit

Earlier today, I strolled into my office with a great gust of energy. Everyone looked up from their desks to see what all the commotion was - mostly because that gust of energy took the form of me creating a me-sized hole in the door.

Teeth clenched and asshole puckered, I ejaculated an expletive before praising this particular potion. I mentioned a few nearby coworkers should also partake of it at some future time, emphasizing my point by shattering their desks with a few healthy pounds of my fist.

My coworkers convinced me that I should certainly share my enthusiasm with the world and so that's what I did. A few hours and many unhinged doors later, I think I made my point in most of the shops around town.

This shit's fantastic.

After a few hours, I felt the effects wearing off, so I blasted my way home to create and consume another batch. Alas, my glassware kept shattering if I so much as looked at it for too long, so I didn't get to make another batch.

So now I'm writing you this note to see if you have some to spare - please make sure it arrives before the police!


A fifteen minute writing sprint from 27 September 2017.