Friday, August 11, 2023

Giraffe & Walrus

 “Jim, you’re not going to believe what I saw the other day.”

“What was that, Chuck?”

“Well, I was driving down to Santa Monica for the day and decided to take the scenic route.”

“Uh huh.”

“So I was on Sepulveda and took a few turns here and there. Figured I might pop by the Getty or something like that.”


“Yeah, so I wanted to see where the winds would blow me or whatever. I wasn’t tied down to some freeway or other. I was just cruising along and letting life lead me forward.”

“Okay, and what did you see?”

“Oh, you’re not going to believe it. Oh, first, do you remember Tim?”


“Yeah - big guy, big mustache?”

“That doesn’t really narrow it down for me.”

“Tim - you know - used to own that spot a couple blocks north?”

“Oh, yeah - Tim. What about him?”

“I saw him on the road driving a new Porsche. He looks like he’s doing well for himself. We should visit him sometime.”

“Sure, sure - what did you see that I’m not going to believe?

“I’m getting to it! Don’t rush me.”


“So I’m driving down to Santa Monica and I see this sign that says ‘eighth wonder of the world’ with a big giraffe on it and so now I’m intrigued.”

“Sure, sure.”

“Jim, you’re just not going to believe this.”


“They’re opening a new Toys r Us!”

“What? That’s it?”

“What do you mean ‘that’s it’? That’s amazing!”

“Sure, great. Now will you just cum so I can get some sleep.”

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