Monday, August 14, 2023

The Year is 2563 [8]

[Author's note: I really hate this one. It's content though and gets me closer to my goal this year.]

 If estimates are to be believed, in a mere 27 years - that is to say the year 2590 - we will finally witness the full transformation of society from one bound to our terrestrial mother to one based primarily on the space stations now in orbit or at LaGrange points throughout our solar system. In an interview last Wednesday, an expert asserted that this would be the largest technological leap in human history: akin to taming the horse or later replacing it.

The expert, one Dr. Knuckle, explained that the demographic distribution of humanity has been trending in such a way that more and more births have been successful in the sterile and controlled environments of our various space-faring projects. The number of successful births on Earth, however, have not been increasing at the same rate, despite pollution mitigation efforts started in the past century.

"Contaminants appear everywhere," Dr. Knuckle explained. "It hasn't even been a year since the lipstick and foundation recall and many of us remember the Algae-tea debacle." The doctor asserted that the closed systems of space-faring life were more able to detect and dispose of hazardous materials where we are still discovering world-ending caches of contaminant buried and forgotten by past generations on Earth.

Dr. Knuckle ended the studio interview encouraging a positive outlook and an eye toward the future. The doctor closed by saying "Despite the struggles we have faced and the consequences of our ancestor's actions, we have the opportunity to improve the lives of those who come after us - more and more of whom will never know the feeling of standing on humanity's home and looking up at humanity's future."

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