Saturday, August 12, 2023

Citywide Special

 [Author's note: I'm in a weird space here. Unlike a lot of other sprints, I feel like this could morph into something good. I don't know if I have the talent to make that happen, however.]

I slang the thang down my throat
a yuppy fad for this old goat
but damn but hell did it make me happy

A shot and beer that I held dear
after which there's naught to fear
for now this ol' geezer's waxing sappy

Of days of yore when I was poor
and a desired pour was just four
or three or two or no dollars

But the way it's been it's been a sin
my pocket's feeling mighty thin
and after rent all I want's to holler

Yet here I am on this stool
yammering on a drunken fool
I don't mean to bend your ear too bad

But a lady's got me mighty blue
and it don't matter really who
all's I mean is I'm filling in the sad

Sure it's a pity in this whole fuckin' city
there's only one lady with a golden titty
but hell she was mine 'least 'til Tuesday

It's my own fuckin' fault and I'm here to fuckin' sulk
'bout fucking up and having to walk
but fuck if I don't regret it all today

But a few more beers and more bending ears
I might find a way to dry my tears
and manage a manly move to my knees

Another special, hell, one more shot
I'll tell you what: I'll text that thot
and bend these beers and Beams to pleas

Oh please honey for all the money
and all the love and that sweet cunny
please now darlin' take me back

That's what I'll say believe it okay
I swear I'll crawl back her way
just after I drain this six-pack

Hey buddy I noticed you're still here
after all of my bending your ear
could you spot a guy in need a special?

I know, I know, it's closing time
but alcohol's sucked up my dime
I'm fine I'm fine I have a high threshold

Okay, okay, I'd best get home
and empy bed of egg crate foam
or maybe on the streets to roam for one more

But one thing's certain: I'll draw back the curtain
your greatest question I'll entertain
yes by god I love that whore

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