Tuesday, August 15, 2023

More Scattered Thoughts (small book poems from May to August 2023)

Drink it
Drink it in
Drink in the music
Let it nourish you
Absorb it into your being
much needed succor
after electronic reproduction
a welcome warm hand
after so much robotic stimulation
fuzz and sweat and life
Let it fill your nostrils
A deep breath of vibration
warmth and color and fuzz
Let it fill you
Drink in the music

a private joke
based on people

a scoff or guffaw
covered by music

not malicious
present nonetheless
as I pickle myself

Fishhooks for Fishermen
Flames for Firefighters
Faint Whispers
of Former Lives
of Husbands
and Wives
of what we have done
and what we are compelled
to do

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