Sunday, June 2, 2019


"Well, who saw this coming?" one of the trio spoke after a moment's pause. Her companions shared a look and simultaneously shrugged their shoulders.

"Really, really? You two mean to say that we accidentally appeared on a beach that seems perfect for the three of us to take a nice, relaxing holiday? No planning? No intervention? No shenanigans at all?"

"Atty, we knew you'd never allow it, which is why I didn't say anything when Chloe planned it. That said, we're here and it's all in order, so you should just relax."

"I can't believe you didn't tell me!"

"You know Lacy will tell who she damn well pleases," said the third sister. "Anyway, I made swimsuits."

"This is ridiculous," said Atty as Lacy handed out Chloe's swimsuits.

"Well, now you're roped in and you'll have to enjoy it," said Chloe.

"What if I don't want to enjoy it?"

"You've always been such a stick in the mud, sis," answered Chloe. "Never deviating, never giving something new a shot. Well, we're here and this is a little planned fun!"

The three sisters eventually changed out of their work clothes and into the garish swimwear Chloe created - even if it took Atty twice as long to do it. After a few minutes the trio headed out to get a little sun.

An hour of tanning and drinks and lounging, the three seemed finally at ease with the whole adventure.

"Okay, time to get in the water!"

"No way Chloe - I didn't agree to that," said Atty.

"We've already picked out a set of floaties for you, said Lacy. "And I know the perfect stretch of beach to hit - no rocks, just sandy bottoms."

"I don't want to get my bottom sandy," said Atty, crossing her arms "I can't believe you two are putting me through this!"

"Relax and enjoy the break," said Chloe. "I've got it all planned and it's about time we took an afternoon off."

The two sisters cajoled the third for a little longer before she finally caved and joined them in the surf. The next hour or so was a mix of splashing, swimming, and looking for interesting rocks and shells under the water.

"Alright sisters, it's time to go." Chloe called out.

"Already?" whined Atty.

"I can't believe you," answered Lacy. "You didn't want to come, then you didn't want to swim, now you don't want to leave. What are you, the god of inertia?"

"Screw you," answered Atty. "I just started to have fun."

"Well, fun time is over," Lacy said, checking her watch. "It's time to get back to the grind."

Atty grumbled for a bit longer, but didn't put up a strong fight. The three dried off, put on their street clothes, and made their way back to the bus stop.

"The Inflexible? More like the Pain in the Ass," said Chloe.

"I like my routine," said Atty. "And for The Spinner, well, your clothes suck."

"Sisters, Sisters!" reproached Lacy. "Gods or not, we should all be glad I got us some time off."
With that, the Fates resumed their day-to-day routine.

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