Tuesday, July 21, 2020

An Interview on Live TV [173]

Tony smiled an impish smile for no one as he waited behind the curtain for the interviewer to finish the introductions. Jane was less comfortable, squirming at the thought of the hot lights and the implied attention. Neither had a good sense of the crowd that could occasionally be heard coughing or shifting until, with the announcement of their names, the crowd exploded into applause.

The two waved and smiled and looked around at the cameras, not sure which to focus on. Eventually they were herded like sheep down a path to where the interview was to take place - a standing table with a jet black top. Their product - accentuated in neon colors - stood out like brilliant Emerald City from sepia Kansas. The interviewer, with his big bleached smile and caked makeup, asked them a couple perfunctory questions. How they met. Did they ever see themselves being on live TV. Did they try the drink on any pets first. Questions meant to soften them up and make the audience laugh.

After the stiffness left the two, it was time to get into the meat - or well, drink - of the issue. A rejuvenation potion that seemed to clear up organ issues. Patients reporting healthier livers, lungs, and kidneys. Trials ongoing. Everything you'd expect.

Then it came to the side effect.

"Don't drink with diet - you'll turn denim blue," Jane hoped the alliteration would help people to remember.

"Yo! Like giant smurfs!" an audience member bellowed. The crowd howled at the thought. Jane and Tony were ready for this and, when the laughter started to subside, Tony looked right into a camera and replied "go smurf yourself," through a trademark grin. The audience erupted for a second time.

When it was all over and the two were in a cab back to the airport, Tony nuzzled up to Jane and got a little handsy. His lips were in her ear. His fingers pinched her nipple. He said the sexiest words he could think of.

"We're gonna be rich!"

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