Sunday, July 5, 2020

This Space Intentionally Left Blank

It's a new keyboard! Mechanical. Makes lots of noise but not as much as them MX blues do, man. So naturally what's the first step? Gotta ramble on Simon's blog. Just a stream of consciousness. Just typing away.

Know what? My eyes aren't even open right now. Just loving this fucking keyboard. MMMMMMm yeah.

Will I ever stop?

Yo - I don't know.

Turn out the lights -

Keyboard glows!

And only at the end of this ramble do I remember how much the editing tools on Blogger suck major donkey balls. But typing out that thought feels a shit ton nicer on this clicky keyboard!

Final thoughts: the world needs to see Simon dressed up as a combination Fidel Castro and Prince Vultan. That would be rad.

I'll type out the screenplay on this badass keyboard right here.

Seriously, it's very Zen-like just typing away and hearing them clicky keys. I dig it.

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