Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Story Told Through Emails [97]

My computer screeched through its dial-up routine as I raced the progress bar with slow, steady movements of my cursor. It didn't matter who won - the game was out of mind the moment the warm "Welcome - you've got mail!" played over the speakers.

Today's batch of emails was a newsletter and a message from my penpal in New York, just as I'd hoped. We had symmetrical schedules, usually checking and responding once before school, once after school, and once before bed. This one had me reading her email tucked up in a borrowed oversize hoodie with moonlight coming in the window. It was still so cold here that I had to read her section about a new swimsuit and sunglasses twice before I remembered that she made a reference to a family trip to Disney World a few emails back. I forgot that would be a big deal for here - Disney Land was a few hours south, so my family went several times a year.

I had about twenty minutes left before I had to terminate the session and put on PJs, so I wrote about whatever came to mind, instead of focusing on a particular story. I wanted to color my hair, but my mom wouldn't let me. I was anxious about my driver's test next week. Despite my prayers (and hints), a certain boy still hadn't called me - or even IM'd me. Some philanthropist was giving my brother a scholarship and my parents had nearly danced around the dinner table knowing they wouldn't have to take out a loan to send him to college. A fair smattering of emoticons and I sent my reply with time to spare.

I logged out ("...Goodbye") and let my folks know the phone line was free. Then it was off to bed with the hopes I'd have a cool dream to write about tomorrow morning.

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