Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Night Before Graduation [55]

The heat was obscene for this time of year. Pam and Miles lay on their mattress, fingertips the only skin they had in contact. Both were awake, naked, and hoping the sounds of spring peepers might induce sleep. They'd done all they could - sheets were on the floor and the fan was on high - but the heat and the anxiety were a bit too much for either.

"Big day tomorrow," Miles couldn't help himself.

"I know," Pam replied plainly.

"Will I have to call you Doctor Sweetheart?" Had either been keeping track, this made the hundredth time Miles had made this joke.

"Whatever you want, as long as you pay off my loans." Reply number seventy one. Sure the repetition bothered Pam, but she knew that, truthfully, it spoke to Mile's consistency. The man she married was a stone wall like that of Hadrian - if the human body allowed it, he'd be standing for centuries.

Miles blew some seat away from his lips. "Maybe we could celebrate early?"

"It's too hot for that." Pam replied, unwilling to shed one more drop of sweat.

"No, not that - it's five o'clock somewhere."

Pam looked at the clock, then at Miles' oversized smile. "It's five o'clock here - we have to be awake in a few hours."

"We can be a little buzzed at your graduation. I can make you a margarita with extra ice."

"Extra extra ice?" Pam negotiated.

"Extra extra ice for Doctor Sweety." Miles sealed the deal. He kissed her lightly. "More like Doctor Sweaty!" he said through another big grin.

Pam pushed Miles out of bed with a smile of her own. He returned a few minutes later with drinks that tasted of paradise.

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