Saturday, May 5, 2018

Six Shooter of Poetry


Trains & Planes
Zippin' 'round the world
Seeing all the sites
Meeting all the folks
I love to travel
and I can't wait
to travel



Dani Cannon
Blasting around the world
Colored Hair
Streaking everywhere
Dani Cannon


[boob tube]

The television sucks me in
Stops my mind
Zaps photons into my brain
The box is a fucking sin
Hate its kind
My mental prowess wanes



Bonfire clouds
A setting sun



Focus Focus Focus
How are you related
Forward Forward Forward!
On the latter it's imperative
I must churn
To what degree does the latter depend
how the former turns


[summer love]

I remember
I remember dancing with you in the rain
I remember making our love plain
I remember making out in my car
I remember splitting from afar
I remember

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