Friday, May 4, 2018

Poems Four You


Sometimes it's the clothes
Sometimes it's our disposition
When we let go our woes
We gain a new position



My song!
heads bobbing
all down the bar
They might not know I played it
but they enjoy this shit


[El Bar]

On Parade
I'm here too



Trying something new
never heard this song.
Hope it turns out well
hope it's not too long.
It's a bit odd for here
but I feel I gotta say
despite the cold reception

1 comment:

  1. I have an issue with [El Bar]. It's the one that came shooting out of my head last night, but it's also an ugly poem in so many ways. I titled it El Bar because it was a commentary on people's appearance at El Bar and I didn't want the folks at the bar I wrote it at to think it was about them. I have to unpack that.

    I don't like commenting on people's appearance. Especially if it's not something they can change. That being said, I'm also human and, well, judge folks. El Bar seems to attract folks of unique appearance, myself surely included.

    My use of the word "ugly" really, really bothers me. Everyone I've met at El Bar has been a wonderful human being. If anything, I'm the ugly troll sitting and writing bile. Which, I think the third line alludes to - I'm part of the mess, possibly even the only one not comfortable with my appearance (not "on parade").

    Why am I compelled to, say, write a poem about decent people who just don't happen to be supermodels? I don't know. But I wrote it and hate it and felt the need to post it so I could explore it. I hope you don't mind.