Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Lucy w/ the Good Vodka Water Glass

Art by Emily

“Lime or lemon?”

“Lime or lemon?”


“Don’t you mean lemon or lime?”


“Isn’t it normally ‘lemon or lime’? Like it’s not ‘breakfast and bed’ but rather ‘bed and breakfast’.”



“... lemon or lime?”

“Better, thank you.”


“Well, what?”

“Well what do you want in your glass?”

“What do you mean by what I want in my glass? I ordered a vodka water.”

“Yes and-”

“And I want a vodka water in my glass.”

“Sure, yes, gladly.”


“But we usually add a bit of citrus.”



“And you want to add some citrus to my glass?”


“Which is why you asked me about limes and lemons in such a weird way?”

“... yes.”


“So, Lucy, would you like a slice or lemon or a slice of lime with your vodka water?”

“Uhm, actually, do you have orange?”

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