Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Valent9s Poems

[Tonka Tanka]

Metal and Yellow
Amid Oshkosh clad children
they beep, crash, and roar
a tune-less construction ‘toon
Animated by small hands


Flowers and chocolates and symbols of love
pink candy hearts and fluttering doves
laying on blankets watching clouds of cotton
memories made and moments forgotten
the aisle with your father, the speech by my brother
today is a good day to love one another


to lay with you 
to stroke your hair
to feel your warmth
your being there
to squeeze your flesh
to nibble your ear
to fill my lungs
and pull you near
to have our fun
to push past bliss
to lock our lips
in a sweaty kiss


A string plucked
as on a cello
sets me abuzz
at merely “hello”

To watch you move
to watch you play 
all I manage
is a “hey”

that’s the nature 
of this crush
proximity, touch
experience the rush

What of foundation
sand versus rock
today’s flirtations
versus ‘morrow’s dirty socks?

So it’s fun for now
but fleeting sensation
as time dampens
a heart string’s vibration


I shit on love
I shit in my heart
I shit and I piss and I burp and I fat
the wrenching
the tearing
the twisting apart
It’s not worth a drop of a cum-covered shart
I thought I was steel
I thought I was smart
But love is a trick and you’ve cut out my heart.


What a fool I am
to walk the earth for you
to cross oceans for you
to spend my days and years for you
yet here I am.

[I was hoping to make this one a long one about traveling for love, but writing session ended and I never got back to it.]

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