Sunday, September 9, 2018

Rookery Rhymes

Early Morning
Check-out race
Rush hour broken
(by a) Smiling Face
Through overcast drizzle
A sunshine ray
Great to see you
Enjoy your day!


I am required
to be inspired
by a hulking mass of ice.

And by surrounds
where life abounds
from towering trees to mice.

But when writing
the theme inviting
is something else I hold dear.

To be honest
it's my fondness
for whiskey and wine and beer!


internet drama
clutters my mind
it's the stupidest shit
you'll ever find

so-and-so did this
their friend did that
people point fingers
create today's spat

one thing in common
"mods are bad"
learn to ignore it
else end up mad


I have yet to rhyme
a word with Juneau
So now I'll take time
to make sure you know

That in 1917 the miners in the Treadwell mine began undercutting their support pillars which, in combination with an unusually high tide, led to the collapse of three of the four shafts and the close of the mine.


When traveling with Dan
I am quite a fan
of rhyming his name freely

Often "such-and-such" man
or once "mister mud hand"
Humor and insults fly playfully

Our time has run low
but before I go
I've got one more verse, I believe

Soon I'll hop in a van
tell Dan to "pound sand!"
then get in a plane and leave!

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