Saturday, September 8, 2018

Bench Press

Expensive; Offensive
It all adds up
If rumors be true
Trade a day for a cup


I slept here just yesterday
'neath this very awn
My body weary, my spirit broke
My mouth affixed a yawn
I wanted to sleep elsewhere
But my strength had gone
I was feeling a long way away
From where a thing's a jawn


Cuppa coffee, cup 'o joe
This is something you should know
When it comes to my desires
I always want some mo'


Do I eat or do I drink?
The answer's not so clear
When the trade's one full meal
For a pitcher full of beer


Commentary: (1) Working under the assumption (rumor?) that I can find a spot in Thailand for $5/day I've been measuring my expenditures in "how many days am I losing?"

(2) All of these poems were written on a bench I slept on in front of the State Archives. This also explains the title of the post.

(4) Seriously though, a cheap pitcher of beer can be had for $10. Unless you're really careful, even lunch can run you $15 or more.

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