Saturday, April 28, 2018

Six Pack of Poetry

[Watching You Work]

Drinks in a line
turning out fine
all thanks to you
You pour beer with care
I drink my fair share
all thanks to you



I can never remember your name.
I suppose that's due to the wares you ply.
I'll drink and be cordial all the same.
And when you greet me, I'll stop at "Hi!"



Christi: "Christ with an i"
Slinging drinks, being fly
Takes some classes, learns a bit
Travels the world, sees some shit
Always a smile for a wayward soul
Though bartending here takes its toll
I wish her the best.


[Junk Food]

Thin. Fin. What do I win?
Paring down struggle struggle
Calorie Valerie
Don't eat so much
There's a light at the end of the tunnel!?
Oncoming traffic?
Dead either way



Nikki Jay, what're you doin'?
Everyday, you're explodin'
I'm no sure how to help you
If that's something I can do
It feels like you're slipping away
But I suppose that's okay
You're not the first



Girl behind me with pretty eyes
Was that bump a real surprise?
It seems we've met most every day
Since I gave my heart away
It sucks, I hurt, I drown it here
I hesitate to bend your ear
but it sucks, it sucks, it hurts
I want you to know

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