Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Frumpy dipped a dabble down

Frumpy dipped a dabble down. Rain and wet and bloodred ground. Eyes askew he sat on bum, very far from aplomb, sadness wet and drippy.

Frumpy'd rode and heaved hell hard. Pushed and cracked and worked the yard. Moved'm tons mile and mile, but nary once a meager smile, shoulders grunched and gloppy.

Bossman seen and stared and sneered. Made'm faces Frumpy feared. Whistled up those beat'em boys, sticks and bats and whipping toys, encouragement toward zippy.

Faster Frumpy forward fired. Weary and strained and mighty tired. Service rendered not a grin, a strike what will do one in, crummy turned to crappy.

Beat'em boys played foul percussion, Frumpy's fate a grim discussion. Eyes rolled up with world black, body meaty thrown in sack, ditched in trench all sloppy.

Frumpy woke a broken beast. Lowest, lumpiest, grunkiest, least. Crushed and cratered, being raw, dead way out all he saw, a sour sickness soupy.

At Frumpy's trough a light did shine, hand outstretched helpful kind. Eked and arched and clawed the way, up and out another day, fortunes gone all flippy.

Heaved a-cart and bundled up, kindly stranger away did hup. Hope and fear and thanks abound, cart'm all along the ground, Frumpy dared be happy.


Frumpy farmed and worked the land. Hide all burnt, gnarled, and tanned. End a day man make a meal, heart aglow did Frumpy feel, might change his name to Smiley.

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