Friday, January 1, 2016

It was a day of eyes and ears

It was a day of eyes and ears; upon leaving my hibernation, the world exploded. I soaked up the afternoon light - something I oft forget to enjoy - as I made my way to the El.

The usual assortment of stories were along for the ride, including a beggar just beginning his routine. I closed my eyes and shook my head when he turned to me. He nodded his defeat. I watched a man eat Burger King, his one eye affixed to the door while the other focused on the meal.

Exiting and emerging from the station I was uplifted by the sensation that is human endeavor. A woman, also lazy-eyed, sold flowers to passers-by. Three youths drummed out an erratic beat I couldn't tell if noise or song - it was the sound of the city though, most certainly.

I filled my lungs with crisp December air as a bus growled its way past me. Being between stops, it was a meaty muster of diesel power as it muscled its way toward passengers.

The sights and sounds soon faded though - a block or two and my senses dimmed with memories of my life and the what-ifs of another taking on my focus. My feet now on autopilot, I strode to my destination, my heart filled by the city.

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