Saturday, September 25, 2021

Fast Four Bar Poems

 El Bar Antagonism

All over a name

Almost witnessed a fight

How close we came

Men ordering drinks

Specials abound

One guy specifically

In need of a round

And then it happened

The worst insult of all

When the guy with the thirst

Was called... "cheeseball!"


Pandemic Stagnation

A Stegosaur on my Chest

I'd hoped to be better

Now it's a year later

I'm worse


Glum dum-dum

Hate the date

Should go home

But out later

Beer near here

Along the way

Should go home

Waste the day

Drunk monk funk

Sex no more

Should go home

Want a whore

Slashed cash stash

Got the blues

Should go home

Two more brews


A Freebie!

From Aly!

in my

Hour of Need.

Bad date spurn

Quickly turned

with one

Charitable Deed!

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