Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Offer


"Sit, my friend, sit."

The office was a lair of mahogany, red leather, and cigar smoke; the indicated chair no less a constrictor than the other furniture and, indeed, no less a monster than the inhabitant of the high-backed chair across the desk. An inhuman puff of smoke wafted toward the ceiling and exploded across the surface as it made contact. There was a moment of silence as the white cloud dissipated into the brown textured tiles.

"Well?" The moment was over. I sat.

"You have something I want," them monster growled, safe in his lair. "I think I have something you want. I'll make you an offer."

I waited for a bit for the offer to become explicit.

"Silent type?" a hiss of cigar smoke seeped through the beast's teeth. "No matter, I can wait."

The room filled with smoke. Red leather blended into mahogany as the haze obscured everything. The chair digested me as I weighed my options.

"Say it." I relented.

"Say what?" the beast asked through a mischievous grin.

"Tell me what you want." I sputtered.

Smoke once again poured from the creature's mouth. He looked down at the desk that separated us. Then he looked me straight in the eyes.



"Boardwalk. I have the utilities. You have Boardwalk. It's a simple exchange."

"If I give you Boardwalk, you'll start putting down houses - I can't do that on utilities."

"Yeah, but you're real fuckin' short on cash right now. I'll throw in a grand."

"I hate you Sergio, I truly do."

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