Sunday, February 14, 2021

Loathe Poems

[26 May 2021] 

I am sinking in a bog, making snow angels.

Thick mud covers my ears, its brown filling my nostrils.

I accept.

Who would pull me out?

Who would complain I'm muddy?

Why deal?

[10 March 2022]


in a normal way

that is how

I feel today

couldn't write

couldn't draw

heart's feelin'

mighty raw

imagined spark

conjured care

created feelings

from thin air

knowing better

'course I do

still I sit

feeling blue

I'll survive

that's my life

moving forward

minus wife

even sans romance

this rings true

a life without

a number two

no support

no feedback

no "well done"

no "you're a hack"

so here I sit

addressing the void



[both from the travel moleskine, put here so they don't show up as new entries]

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