Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Short Order Wizards

"A Smoocher, a Squeezer, and three Firm Handshakes, got it."

I put the ticket in the clip and got down to business. The order was an easy one that I could do without thinking about it, but today's task was to train the new guy. I shot him a glance.

"Translation." I challenged. He paused for just a second.

"Love potion, weight-loss potion, and three confidence boosting potions, right?"

"You got it. I'll pull the oil and the ether, you get that water up to temp and pull the dry stuff." I grabbed two thick-as-thumb vials off the rack and turned to face a wall of spigots. I flicked open the olive oil tap with my left thumb and the ether tap with my right. The glass containers squeezed between my ring fingers and my palms began to fill. At the halfway point I flicked both spigots off. A drop of red food coloring in the oil and I was ready for the powders. I turned to my left and encountered an unanticipated obstacle.

The cramped space filled with crashes and curses. Broken glass, boiling water and a great melange of powders occupied the floor. After a moment of panic, our eyes locked and we both scrambled out the door, gasping for fresh air.


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