Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Heartbreak Hotel

[Five poems for a story I'm writing, but also because we've all been there. Antedated to Valentine's day.]

Your eyes stop my heart
Your eyes warm my soul
Your picture alone causes my stomach to knot
I want your attention
I want your affection
I want you to text me back


It hurts me to think of you
fishhooks in my heart
I want to spend some time with you
I can't bear to be apart
I know you love another
fishhooks in my heart
but maybe you'll still talk to me?
I can't bear to be apart


Your head on my chest
feels the best
I don't mind the snore

I watch you fix your hair
put on underwear
be with me some more


A picture you sent keeps me company
I hope you don't mind
I like to think it's just for me
It's what solace I can find


All I do is to impress you
I'm not, but I'm trying
You see, without your attention
I feel like I'm dying

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