Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Drama In and Out Of the Lab [3]

"Holy shit! What happened here?" Gene stood at the door, mouth agape. He stared at the carnage inside the room. "My god man! You're covered in blood!"

Dick took a second to assess his situation. Not only was he covered in blood and viscera, the whole room was now similarly decorated.

"I'm happy to report my shrink ray was a success." The bloody man removed his goggles and straightened himself to full height.

"What the hell happened here!" the bystander demanded again.

"Well, I was fulfilling the dream of any microbiologist - I was observing the world at the cellular level." Dick made a face as something squished in his shoe.


"Well, I wanted to look at mammalian biology, so I persuaded that black lab that's always hanging about to swallow me in my observation capsule."

"Wait, that's John's dog."

"Sure, whatever. Anyway, I was observing the Colonic Crypts when all of a sudden my telephone rang. For whatever reason, it triggered my failsafe and I returned to my original size."

"So, that means..."

"That all this is, heh, our late 'Lassie'? Yes." Dick took his phone from his pocket and wiped the screen on a clean spot on his coat.

"What the hell, Dick."

Ignoring the rebuke, Dick began dialing. He smirked a little when someone answered.

"Hello, custodial department? Yes. Could you send someone over to clean up the lab?"

(written 10 July '17)

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