Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Strange Request at a Piano Bar [1]

Ray: "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?"
Man: "I thought my request was pretty simple. I'd like the two of you to battle to the death."
Ray: "Sir, we're dueling pianos in a 'playing entertaining music' sort of way. We don't actually duel or anything."
Man: "I brought ceremonial daggers!"

John: "I'm just going to repeat what Ray just said - we don't actuaaAAHH! Dude! There's no need for that!"
Man: "I paid my money. I brought my daggers. Now duel."
Ray: "Sir, sir, please put the gun down."
Man: "Not until one of the two of you is dead on the ground."
Ray: "John, I think we're out of luck."
John: "I think you're right. My dagger, please?"
Man: "One for you and one for ohHH! Ahhkk! Fuck!"
John: "Holy shit dude!"
Ray: "Fuck you, you fucking fuck! John, you okay?"
John: "Yeah... I think so at least. Fuck dude."
Ray: "Who did that guy think he was? Fuck."
John: "Yo - he shot the piano when you stabbed him."
Ray: "I'm just glad he didn't shoot me. Or you."
John: "I can't believe you killed him!"
Ray: "Well, it was either kill him or kill you."
John: "You couldn't have killed me dude. I would have gotten you first."
Ray: "You... you wanna bet?"

(written 23 Apr '17)

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