Saturday, February 18, 2017

Portal Crotch

[First of three. Written Round Robin style on 16 Feb '17. JM & WW coauthors. Some small corrections, but mostly untouched.]

I stared my crotch right in the face, knowing damn well what it was up to. The knocking told my crotch that it was to start the ceremony. The guests were the best Craigslist had to offer, but really, you get what you pay for. Let's face it though, my crotch didn't have much money. The door swung open slowly, revealing two men and a woman.

"Are you Keith? Your girlfriend promised discretion..."

Inspiration Art by JM

"I promise I told no one."

The woman dragged a large, heavy suitcase into the room.

"Good, because you know, in my experience, girls named Betty are always trouble."

My crotch sprung into action, directing the guests to the appropriate stations. Betty sat at a desk with several phones, while the other two guys took hold of my arms.

"Now, when the portal opens, make sure to stand back or you'll fall through and go flying forward into the door."

The noise was deafening as the portals pulsed. My crotch glowed brighter with each pulse the portals made.

The lowered me slowly into the portal, my feet and then my legs falling out of the portal in front of my face. I unzipped. The portals stretched open, blowing a heavy gust into the room.

Despite my warnings, despite their claims that they knew what they were doing, the wind hit them and they lost their footing. Instead of gently sucking my own dick, I was forced into a gagging deepthroat. The three participants attempted to pull my head off my dick, but my dick would not release its hold.

This, of course, was the perfect time for the door to open.

"Mom!" I exclaimed.

The Blood God, aka my mom, had no words for what was going on.

As the silence stretched, I could only mutter "Shit."

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