Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Chamber of Secrets

I worked my way through the tall grass surrounding the house. I was feeling lucky - decorative hedges and stone walls hid my approach. Still though, I inched my way forward, hoping to stay hidden from my target and her guards.
Art by BH

After hours of crawling, crouching, and scurrying, I finally made it to the target unseen. I made my way through a set of sliding glass doors and the only thing between me and my objective was the maze of a house. My briefing had been as inclusive as possible, but it was well known that her house was a bit of a mystery to all but the most trusted of her entourage.

I snuck around the mansion, careful to avoid any security measures I came across. Through trial and error, this rat worked his way through the maze toward the cheese. In this case though, the rat was one of the Secret Seventy Seven - the best infiltrators, spies, and assassins in the world.

I froze upon hearing my target having a conversation through a door. I discerned it was nothing to be concerned about - it seemed they were ignorant of my presence - and burst through, guns drawn. I was met with an empty room and a recording playing on the desk. The next moment I was deafenedand fire shot through my arms and my abdomen. I crashed to the ground.

Two men emerged on my flanks as I lay in agony. They kicked my guns away, nearly detaching my left arm in the process, and whistled. Lady Monica entered from a die door.

""Before you kill me," I croaked, "why the hell am I looking for a  butt plug?"

"You know how your boss has a way with words?" the lady in blue silk began.

"Yeah?" I groaned.

"The last time we met, he told me to shove the codes up my ass."

She smirked.

There was a flash, then nothing.

[written November 2016]

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