Monday, June 27, 2011

A Perch

I sit above them, looking down, but yet looking up at their enthusiasm.

It is infectious, yet I feel immune - for whatever reason, I feel that to join in would be a mistake. Perhaps I know my penchant for showmanship, perhaps it is due to a lack of confidence (which could merely stem from my discomfort in my own skin), but whichever it is, I find that I am obstructed in my endeavor to fit in with those who I observe so dispassionately.

This is most unfortunate, at least as far as my social skills go, as this would be the perfect opportunity to "let loose" and enjoy an evening of a little alcohol mixed with a little music.

Whatever the reason, I wish to remain undiscovered, sitting on my perch.

[written 27 May, 2011]

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