Sunday, March 31, 2024

Maiden Maker

[Content Warning: this story depicts gruesome mutilation. It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever written. It’s what came out of my pen upon seeing the title.]

It was a shop like any other. The sigil of the flayed man was prominently displayed on the door (as per the Ordinance) and the window frames were sticky with putrefying blood. If one didn't notice the straw-packed effigy hanging outside the entrance one may have mistook it for the apothecary or the bowyer's shop. That’s assuming, of course, that Karg wasn't advertising outside.

"Maidens! Maidens! I take’r stock and make'm maidens!" 

His voice was one of a chorus of shopkeeps bellowing into the street. While the pitch and tenor of the vocals all meshed together from afar, each shopkeep had a distinct cadence that could be picked out by a trained ear. An ear like Gek's.

"Maiden Maker" Gek cried out to Karg from across the street. "Maiden Maker!"

Karg acknowledged Gek with one big wave and then encouraged him to enter the shop with another. Gek entered with his human captive in tow. 

"Dis da one?" Karg asked, if only to start the conversation. Gek modded, Karg pretended to inspect the captive as if he was going to recommend anything other than the total makeover package. "Good, good," "he added. "Lots to work with." 

"Caught 'm three days back," Get said proudly. "Got lotsa meat left on 'im" 

"Tink you should get da works," Karg recommended.

"Tink I should," Gek agreed. Karg hid his surprise - usually there was some pushback.

"What you got?" Karg asked, starting the payment process. Gek dumped a bag full of coins, gems, trinkets, and teeth on a small, round table. Karg pushed a few bits and bobs off to the side to indicate what of the collection would suffice as payment. Gek pulled a tooth and a coin halfway back toward the pile. Karg picked out a different tooth and Gek huffed his agreement to the price. 

Gek shoved the bound and gagged captive man toward Khang, as Karg pointed at a chest. "Clothes in there, Wigs - " he pointed to a shelf of hair and hair-like substances. " - up there."

While Gek sorted through the clothing and decided what he wanted his new maiden to wear, Karg got to work. First he temporarily removed the gag and forced the captive to drink a pitcher of beer. It would cut down on the screams and facilitate the later process. Then he stripped the captive naked and hung him by his wrist restraints from a hook in the center of the room.

Karg dipped a paintbrush in a pungent liquid and covered the man in it from head to toe. He’d gotten the stuff on himself, so he knew how it burned the skin. The man writhed and grunted against the gag while Karg readied some knives and made some small talk with Gek.

“How big?” he asked, getting back to the business at hand. Gek followed Karg’s gaze to a series of bags on the wall. After a moment of appraisal, Gek indicated his pick.

“Good choice,” Karg said as if he would have said anything else. He opened the lid to a barrel and grabbed two fleshy parasites of approximately the same size. The parasites went into his apron pocket just below the newly sharpened knives.

Karg turned his attention back to the captive and began wiping away the goo with some rags. The man’s hair came with it. Karg took a moment to survey the man. It was time for the first cuts.

The man screamed against the gag as semicircles were cut a few inches under his nipples. Karg half-pushed, half coaxed the parasites into position as a new pair of breasts. Bent fishing hooks for stitches, a little “flesh glue” of his own creation, and a touch of a hot iron where the bleeding was the worst finished the top.

Karg took the man’s genitals in his left hand, yanked, and sliced. There were more screams, but Karg didn’t notice as he quickly applied a hot iron to the newly-null space. He waited a moment for the man to stop writhing - fully expecting the man to pass out from the pain. But the man stayed conscious, biting and screaming into his gag.

Karg told the man to piss - to push as hard as his bladder would allow to push through the burnt flesh. If he didn’t do it now, a hole would never open and the bladder would burst or the kidneys would fail. It only took a little beating before the man understood and urine ran down the man’s leg.

This left one last step. Karg took the man’s now-detached penis and put it tip-to-tip with a smooth shaft of approximately the same length and girth. With a practiced hand he pushed the two together, turning the skin inside out and removing the meat at the same time. He put this in his apron while he made the last incision - a small cut to break the skin between where the urine came out and the anus.

He covered the dick-on-a-stick in some more of the “flesh glue” he’s used on the breasts and shoved it into the newly created hole. Karg wasn’t too careful here - he knew the flesh pocket would find a place between organs and muscles.

“Two weeks." Karg tapped Gek on the chest. "Keep the plug in for two weeks. Then you good.”

"Good, good." Gek said, nodding. The two then manhandled captive into the wig and clothes Gele had picked out.

"Have fun!” Karg said as Gek walked away. Then he started back on this usual chant. 

"Maidens. Maidens! I take'r stock and make’m maidens!” 

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