Friday, February 22, 2019

Bong Dong Gong Hong Kong Long Pong Song Tong Wong

Childish Talk
Of drawings in Chalk
I'm given the tour
Now on pens
and Spidermen
My heart grows all the more


"Flying Pan": Racist?
Meant in ill-will?
Or is it cute
A mere mole hill?


There once was a man from Hong Kong
Who wrote a most wonderful song
Alas, he imbibed
While he transcribed
So the orchestra played it all wrong


Ay bee bee ay
Perhaps classic
But not basic
Rhyme scheme, I'd say

A sandwich sound
You'll find the meats
On middle beats
The bread, around

Strange, I'm afraid
My preferred set's
Writing couplets
As in first grade

I try to thrive
At least persist
Build my guest list
Three sixty five

All said, my friend
If you still feel
Like being steel

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