Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Things my Housemates Do

Taking this blog back to its roots: a place to complain about things.

Things my housemates do:

Moldy milk at the bottom of a "clean" cup
  • Throw silverware in the silverware drawer without regard to knives, forks, etc.
  • Stack plates on top of bowls (instead of putting them with the other plates).
  • Hoard any cup larger than 8oz in their room.
  • Leave hair in the shower drain.
  • Stack the five? ten? pound cast-iron dutch oven on top of a tupperware container.
  • Use the last of a common item (e.g. aluminum foil) and not tell anyone.
  • Break something (e.g. many, many pint glasses) and not tell anyone (and just leave the debris).
  • Keep the TV on at all times.
  • Keep the TV tuned to reality television at all times.
  • Throw plastic bags in the recycling bin.
  • Leave change everywhere.
  • Leave time on the microwave.
  • Complain, but never strive to improve.
  • Leave cold water on the coffee table, so condensation makes a huge puddle.

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