Saturday, September 30, 2017

Crazy Butts

"Those are some crazy butts," the Commander stated as he peered out the window. "Crazy, crazy, crazy."

"Yes, sir," the Secretary agreed. He might as well have been speaking in a vacuum as the Commander took no notice. The secretary sighed and got up from the desk, joining the older man at the window.

"I wish I had a camera right now. I'd love to capture those butts." An impulse to let the Commander know his phone had a camera washed over the Secretary, but the young man surpressed it. Both men stared out the window for a few minutes. Finally, a stomach gurgle broke the silence.

"Hungry, Sir? I know of a good place to get some enchiladas."

"No, I'm fine. Just bring me some more iced tea."

The Secretary shrugged and went to the break room to complete the request. Upon coming back, the Commander finally broke off his outward staring.

"You think a little harmonica would scare them off?"

"I'm sorry Sir, who?"

"The butts." The Commander made a sweeping gesture toward the window."

"Oh, right." The younger man hesitated as if her were actually giving the question some thought. "No Sir, I don't think they'd be able to hear the harmonica through the glass from across the road."

"Good, good." He muttered to himself. "Gonna fuck those chickens."


Fifteen minute writing sprint 27 September 2017.

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