Monday, April 15, 2013

Listenings, 4-13

I do enjoy listening to people. Here's an hour of my life:

G's seventy. Loves baseball. Knows more about it than anyone else in here, except maybe MK (according to him). He's not a huge fan of the Phillies though, which was surprising. He likely comes in every Saturday and gets the same sandwich: a cheesesteak with horseradish on the side. He's pretty happy it's a nice day out, if only because the next bar on his route won't be so smokey (they'll have the doors open). He's friends with everyone there and bought D a drink. He said that he'd have to try the hot turkey sandwich I was eating, but I suspect he'll never get around to it. I'm not sure if he was legitimately curious or was 'repping' the bar when he asked whether or not the potatoes were "real" or not (they were).

D is a bit over forty; his birthday is on the 15th. He came in later, so there's not much to report. He had a drink paid for by G and a drink paid for by T. He was surprised and happy when I wished him a happy birthday as I walked out the door. Shook my hand twice, actually.

MK was sitting with a big birthday group; her birthday is on the 13th. P was in the group, and everyone was giving him shit about something I've now forgotten. A fun group! MK is a staff member who is off for the day - I've seen her there before. They all left shortly before I did.

T was behind the bar. When I arrived, she was being pestered by someone who "wants to hook you up" with some service or other. While the guy went on about how much of a deal it was, she was very obviously disinterested - taking his card to shut him up. I think I met her a couple years ago and I believe her boyfriend runs another local bar, though after a couple years faces tend to blend together and I could be mistaken. While she took care of my requests, it was obvious that she was more interested in interacting with her coworkers and regulars. Her small talk was interesting, as she mentioned on separate occasions how quiet I was and the fact that she liked my hat, promptly turning away after making both statements. When I got my check, I was under "Notre Da" (I was wearing an ND) shirt - I always get a kick out of seeing what name my check's under.

All-in-all, quite a fun adventure. Twenty dollars got me two beers, a sandwich, and a show.

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