Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Main Character is Startled Awake By... [139]

I awoke in a cold sweat. Were they after me? Had they found out my secret? My mind was a wild ride for a minute as I tried to get my bearings in the dark room.

Nightmares were an occupational hazard.

I'd moved into the "subway squad" eight or so years prior after I'd shown how well I could blend into any situation. I'd never been caught - not even suspected - by any group I'd infiltrated. My silver tongue opened gates some of our best inspectors had had slammed shut in their faces. The nights, however, never got easier. Dreams of ferocious men who could "smell a swine" were common in my life and I feared for the day I'd be discovered.

As I regained my senses and probed what was true and what was imagined from my meager cot, I had to first remember where I was and what surrounded me. In a dark room after a lifetime of lives and lies, this was no small feat. My brain caught up to my situation soon enough - I was nestled in and among copious amounts of drugs awaiting shipment. That was the truth.

Another truth was that something woke me up. I doubted my discovery - I had been trusted to the core to guard this shipment - but that didn't make it impossible. A more likely answer was that somewhere in the warehouse a dozen or so agents were poised to make a bust. This I could deal with.

I wasn't the only spy in the organization - someone else might have tipped off the cops. I'd be arrested, as usual, as I carried no emblem of identification. Whatever shook out - raid or false alarm - I wasn't going back to sleep any time soon.

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